Vehicle Branding can employee numerous techniques to convey your brand identity. Wraps have been the craze in recent years, however they are fairly expensive and if not maintained properly will not last as long as some other forms of application.

Combination of Printed and Cut Vinyl Graphics

These are 2 different levels of a partial wrap.

Myths (Fact or Fiction)


  1. Wraps are used to completely change a vehicles color. Paint is less expensive when changing one color.
  2. Wraps are less expensive when using multiple colors and text or images.
  3. Wraps if installed correctly and correct materials are used can be removed with heat and some effort.
  4. No matter what, when you apply a overlay onto vehicle paint some fading will occur. Light colored vehicles show less fading than darker vehicles.
  5. Do Not subject your wrapped vehicles to Hi-Pressure Car Washes.

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