The world of signage is vast and is next to impossible for us illustrate and show every product. One of our Vendors has provided us with a site that covers most static sign types and gives some very informative information pertaining to signs in general.

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Sign Examples

What are Vector Based Graphics / Artwork?

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Design Standards

In order for an image to be scaled up you will need to provide Vector based images.  Jpg, Gif, Png files are not scalable, they will become very pixelated and blurry. Recreation of logos and vector images will be charged at $45.00 per hour.


There are many free vector design programs available online and some jpeg converting services.

Examples of Vector based design software: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape, Gimp, Sketchup.


Programs that are not scalable: Photoshop, Power Point, Publisher, Paint, Word are a few examples.

Vector based graphics are infinitely scalable because they are based on a coordinate system.  Simple put, you could take a vector based image and print it the size of a postage stamp or as large as a football field with No degradation in image clarity.

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